General sales conditions


Our CECOP website is strictly directed to companies, personnel organization, city council, trading and associations. From placing us an order, the buyer will accept all our general conditions and drop all its own conditions. Any purchase order will imply to respect our general sales conditions. The articles (Or goods) as displayed on the Website are not contractual. We have the right to update without any notice, any technical information or outside aspect that we believe necessary in order to permanently improve the quality of our products. All the goods displayed in our website with commercial stamps or registered trademark, are presented as examples only.


The on-line estimates are only an assessment and cannot be considered as contractual. The estimate highlighted above could be modified if needed, by our commercial department by fax or email.

Purchase order

Any order has to be received by written mail (paper order, fax or email) or emailed to with mail confirmation. The minimum in order to consider your order is 800 € NT total and 400 € NT per article. For technical reasons, we keep the right to deliver and invoice plus or minus 5 % of the ordered quantities.


Any request for samples has to be made by written mail (letter, fax or email). The samples have to be sent back by registered mail within 15 days with the original packing. Any damaged sample sent back, will be invoiced. Any kept samples, will be invoiced with a penalty of 25 € NT for administrative costs.


Our prices are out of taxes (VAT 19.6 %). They are indicated for information only. They can be updated for currency adjustment, raw material price evolution, or local taxes alteration the day of delivery. Our basic prices can be discounted (see our decreasing rate of charge as indicated in our order sheet). Promotional offers are valid while stocks last.
Marginal differences of colors, sizes or increase of delivery time are usually accepted and cannot be claimed. Our prices are quoted at the exit gate of our Gennevillers - FRANCE warehouses.


Various processes can be used for the personalization of our products: serigraphy, stamping, transfer, hot golden, laser carving and embroidery. Depending on the different materials, we cannot always obtain the exact color and brightness of the Pantone C references. Considering the current European regulations on heavy metals and solvents, color pigmentation may change, that can imply a few color differences depending on the printing process (particularly on colored backgrounds). Any claims for missed manufacturing cannot be accepted. The indicated letter after each reference corresponds to the marking price to be applied.


A 0,10 € PUHT 500 pieces
B 0,20 € PUHT 250 pieces
C 0,25 € PUHT 250 pieces
D 0,65 € PUHT 50 pieces
T 0,80 € PUHT 50 pieces
L 0,80 € PUHT 50 pieces
S pls contact us

The technical costs will be invoiced 30 € NT for each color if you don’t provide us your marking documents in an electronic file so-called ILLUSTRATOR VECTORISE. Any new design or specific alteration will be part of a deal with an initial cost estimate.

Payment conditions

A check of 40 % of the total amount has to down paid with the order (returned in case of cancellation from our side and kept when cancelled by the client without any potential claims). Clients will be asked to apply for a credit to our own credit insurance organization. For the clients who will be turned down or for who the notice is too short to obtain an agreement, it will be asked either to pay the full price when order or to pay by check when the product is lifted or delivered. For the clients who have an account, the payment will be made by draft or check over a 30 days period. Any delay of payment implies the immediate payment of the remaining amount. Any delay or billing postponement will be accounted for penalty for late payment. The interest to be applied will be 18 % (Law 92-1442 on 12/31/92 related to late payments between companies).

Delivery periods

After agreement on the purchase order, the delivery period is between 2 and 5 weeks depending on the ordered products. This timing is only an indication. A possible delay of delivery could not, in any case, involve penalties on our side, or order cancellation or eventually a turn down of receipt or a payment delay.

Despatches / Deliveries

The dispatched products will be freighted at the own risk of the client. In case of damage, loss or delay, it is up to the recipient to make any usual claims towards the carrier in order to respect its own rights in the legal time period.

Property restraints

According to the law number 80-335 of May 12th 1980 (JO of 05/12-13/1980), the property transfer of delivered products and invoiced, is pending until final payment (applicable to the reserve rights even in case of justice court decision). The legal property of our products will be transferred to the client only when the full payment is completed. If the products are sold before, it is up to the client to transfer the credit order. In this case, if all the payments are made for this credit order, they have to be transmitted to us as from their receipt. These rules are not an obstacle to the transfer, as from delivery, to the buyer of risk of losses or damages. The relevant damages can be included.


Any claim should be made within 48 hours after receipt of the products by registered letter.


In case of disagreement, the Nanterre Justice court is competent.

Use of the website content

The whole contents, including the breakdown and the building up, of the CECOP web site including (not limited to the text) graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, software are the property of CECOP.FR. They can be only used after agreement of the owner of the usage rights, the trademark or service. French, European and international laws also protect the contents.

CECOP will allow you to copy the contents of the website only for non-commercial use within the organization when only within a frame of product purchase process towards You can print out only one single copy of these contents for your personal use in order only to learn, assess and acquire Cecop services or Products.

Without strict Cecop authorization, you cannot, in any case, print out, copy, post, reproduce, publish, distribute, transmit, download, record, store, disclose, alter or modify the various parts of the contents of the Cecop website. This includes, not restricted, the electronic, mechanic, photocopy or the record. You have no right to use the Cecop icons to create hyperlink between two other sites or between this one with another site, or to use for any reason, the Cecop trade mark or drawings registered as displayed in the Cecop website.

You can use the content and the software of the Cecop site for your purchase order.

Any given authorization is automatically cancelled if you don’t respect one single term of the conditions listed above. You should immediately trash out all the parts of the contents of the current site as recorded or printed out. Any non authorized use of any part of the current website will break up the law of the right of authors, trade marks, confidentiality rights or any legal rules related to the advertising and communication.

Cecop ask you to meet its own rights of intellectual property, but also to respect those of the others. Particularly, when placing an order to Cecop, you certify that you have the right of use of all the logos, texts and/or drawings that were submitted to us to personalize the chosen products. Cecop has the right, in some circumstances and at our own choice, to refuse or to accept orders placed by clients that already broke up the law or did not meet the rights of intellectual property.

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