serigraphieSerigraphy is a printing process deriving from transfer, by using a nylon made screen that let ink get through some stitches (Those not plugged by the drawing to be copied). This flat printing technology guarantees a printing quality over small and large areas.

Usage case : All plastic objects and by-products, luggage, textile, provided that the marking spot is a flat area.


tampographieTampography is a technology that aims at transferring the ink contained in the hollows of a picture generated by chemical photoengraving, on an object by using a transfer rubber pad.

Well adapted for any kinds of shapes, drawings and items, this process guaranties you a precise and quick marking for any amount to carry out.

Usage case : All plastic objects or by-products for which the marking spot is rounded.

Hot marking

marquagechaudDrawing application that allows the marking of an object by film transfer with high temperature punch. This process is applicable for plastic objects of various shapes: flat, oval and cylindrical. In this way, high accuracy is guaranteed and lay down of golden or silver film is possible.

Usage case : Leather made objects or skin imitation. This marking is carried out before object assembling. Consequently, it is only applicable for special orders.

Laser carving

gravurelaserEngraving process based on the use of a YAG/CO2 laser beam. Well suited for any materials, laser carving has a wide operating field: Incrementing, engraving, scouring, and material modification.

Usage case of YAG carving process : Metal made or metallic objects and a few rubber made materials.

Usage case of CO2 carving process : For various types of objects: Plastic, metal, wood, Plexiglas, some fabrics, etc. On special order.

Serigraphic transfert

transfertThis process aims at laying down the same serial image on a polyester film by serigraphy, then, at delivering the "prefabricated" marking as a reel. The great advantage of this technology is to be able to deliver the marking or the image directly to the items manufacturing site as a reel to lay down by hot transfer.

Usage case : All fabrics and luggage. This marking type requires big quantities in order to have a better depreciation of the technical expenses. It is also possible to carry out a laser transfer (Laser printing on a special transfer sheet) at lower costs. Unfortunately, its usage is limited to the white fabric objects.


broderieThis marking technique is carried out for textile articles (Polyester, cotton, polar, micro fiber, nylon, etc.) by using stitched thread in the fabric. The embroidery quality depends on the number of stitched threads in the fabric. This process enables a clean and meticulous result.

Usage case : Luggage, textile, some fabric made products.

3D laser carving

laser3DThis process aims at copying a logo, a text or a 3D image (Volume and depth) in the core of an optical glass by using a laser beam. Logo or text engraving: This technology will provide it with depth. For pictures, we can transform various types of images: Max, Amapi, Strata, Rhinoceros, Lightwave, etc.

If you don't have this type of files, we have a large free image database free of use. We can also scan your image, copy it out and turn it into a 3D image.

Usage case : Optical glass block, crystal, etc.

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